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With Todo K-2 Math Practice app, we offer children practice and support in Pre-K through 2nd grade math skills, including: counting, writing numerals, addition, subtraction. Both calculating sums and differences fluently and understanding the meaning of these mathematical operations are critical for elementary students to build a strong foundation for further mathematical learning. For some students, memorizing and understanding math facts comes easily, but not for all. There are many populations, including English language learners and students with learning differences such as attention and memory deficits, for whom memorizing can hold extra challenges. Struggling learners benefit from additional visual supports and practice to strengthen their relationship to solving math problems. Todo K-2 Math Practice app for the iPad helps to improve fluency of math sums and differences, while also supporting the conceptual understanding of early math concepts.

K-2 Math Practice Games


Counting Game

Count the colorful pieces of fruit, tapping each one to take a bite & practice 1:1 correspondence. Start with counting just a few items, building over time to counting 30 items.

Number Tracing Screen Shot

Tracing Game

Practice with numeric quantities from 0 through 10. Count the balls and then trace the corresponding numeral.

Todo Tallies

Tallies Game

Group playful, electric creatures together to hit the target values. A race against the clock, this fast-paced, exciting game builds fluency with counting on and counting back from a starting number.


Cookies Game

Develop understanding of addition and subtraction through this playful game. Sums and differences are visually represented through a snack-sharing model.

Little Farm

Little Farm

This game improves sequencing skills and tests short-term memory. Watch carefully as the animals enter and exit the barn and try to remember who is still inside!

Falling Blocks

Falling Blocks Game

Practice addition and subtraction with support of the 10-frame representation. Answer through handwriting recognition or by dragging numerals into place.

Quick Math

Quick Facts

Build fluency through repetition of math facts. Focused practice of addition and subtraction up to 99.

Quick Math

Equation Maker

Use puzzle pieces to build addition, subtraction and early multiplication number sentences.


Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Beginning in Kindergarten, the CCSS for mathematics focus on developing a deep understanding of numeric quantities and beginning to understand the meaning of the addition and subtraction operations on these values. Through 1st grade, the standards call for further development of the understanding of these operations, along with fluency in adding and subtracting within 10. By 2nd grade, the expectation of fluency and understanding are extended to include larger values, up to 100. We created Todo Calculation Practice to provide students with practice developing their operational fluency alongside visual representations as necessary to support their understanding of those calculations.

About the Game Levels

Todo K-2 Math Practice app contains levels within each of the mini-games that address the Common Core State Standards related to mastery of the operations of addition and subtraction as well as foundational knowledge required. All the games start out at the lowest level and incrementally increase in difficulty based on the player’s successes.

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